Tatsuyasu WatanabeRyuyasu Watanabe

Born in 1976 in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo Denki University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture. Second class architect. Third generation of Watanabe Orimono. After graduating from university, he worked at an architectural design office and then moved on to the family business of textiles. Currently, he is pursuing new possibilities for textiles centered on natural materials. In addition to providing fabrics to many brands, he also runs the textile brand Watanabe Textile. I handle everything from design to weaving myself. In addition, he started photography while attending university and participated as a photographer in the French web magazine Les Chroni ques Purple, run by Ellen Fleiss. He is also active as a photographer, providing photos for The Plant Magazine, shooting catalogs for fashion brands, and holding solo exhibitions. In addition, he continues to engage in creative activities that transcend fields, including store design, garden design, graphic design, and object production.

Watanabe Textile

A textile brand run by Ryuyasu Watanabe, the third generation owner of Watanabe Orimono, which has a factory in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. With architecture, photography, and art as the background for his creations, he pursues new possibilities for textiles centered on natural materials. I handle everything from design to weaving myself. It is also a textile maison that provides fabrics to many fashion and other brands. He continues to create based on his own experiences and the sensations he unconsciously senses from the rich nature of the northern foot of Fuji.

place of creation

An atelier and shop designed by architect Tatsuyasu Watanabe. Located next to a textile factory, it is a space where designers can come and create designs together while looking at photo books, art books, freshly made fabrics, and the sky outside the window.

place of weaving

A factory lined with dobby looms. We weave original fabrics that pursue modern designs and textures, centering on naturally derived materials such as the recycled fiber cupro.

atelier / factory & shop

You can view Watanabe Textile's original products and fabrics while relaxing at the creation site.

5-7-18 Fujimi, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture
tel/fax 0555-22-4240
OPEN 11:00-17:00

*It is an appointment system. (No appointment required on the third Saturday of every month)

Please contact us via Instagram DM or info@watanabetextile.jp.

*About factory tour

We only accept orders from those who wish to purchase fabrics.